Santa Elon.

The first and only token that puts a portion of it’s taxes directly into a rewards wallet, to be distributed amongst all holders on Christmas day (December 25th 2021).

Santa Vector


Play Santa Dash Now!

Santa Elonโ€™s very first game is ready to play. The game will soon be implementing the MetaSanta NFTs along with play to earn features!


Christmas day BNB rewards for holders.

Total (BNB) balance of the Christmas Day wallet. This balance will be shared with all the HOHOHO token holders that hold from when they purchased until Christmas Day.





Staking Pools with Harmonized App

Staking is now Live. You can check out the staking pools on the Harmonized website.

In order to add to the staking pool, you can follow this video guide. Make sure you add HOHOHO-BNB Liquidity instead of with HMZ token.



The token of the people, the smart people.

100,000,000 supply of tokens

Only 100,000,000 tokens will be created. No more will be minted ensuring that we cannot dump new tokens onto the market out of nowhere.

10% Supply used for Giveaways

We’ve kept 10% of the supply which will only be used to run giveaways and competitions and to give back to the community as much as possible.

90% Supply Locked in Liquidity Pool

90% of the tokens minted will be locked into the liquidity pool for an initial 6 weeks from launch. After this period, if HOHOHO reaches $1m MCAP we will lock the liquidity pool for a year.

10% Tax on all Transactions & Transfers

All transactions & transfers will incur a 10% tax charge. These taxes will be used for the Christmas Presents (3%), Marketing (3%), Dev wallet (3%) and a manual buy back & burn (1%).


How does it work?

Buy Santa Elon coins from PancakeSwap easier and faster than ever, with stable liquidity and a healthy volume.

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Get The Wallet

Download MetaMask (browser) or TrustWallet (mobile phone) and configure the Binance smart chain using this guide here.


Buy Some BNB

Use an exchange like Binance, Gate.io or Crypto.com to buy some BNB, you’ll use it to buy your Santa Elon coins.

Collect Your New Tokens In Your Wallet

Open your wallet and head to the assets tab, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find a button that says “Import Tokens”. Input the contract address and the other fields will auto-fill using our data from the BSCScan database. Boom, you should see your HOHOHO balance right in your wallet now.


Introducing, Meta Santa.


Our works have been inspired by the likes of meme coins such as Shiba Inu, Floki Inu, Kitty Inu etc. SANTA ELON/ HOHOHO is a project developed for entertainment purposes. Santa ELON/ HOHOHO makes no promises (Other than delivering Christmas gifts (BNB to holders)) and is not responsible for any losses or errors – use at your own risk.